It is move out season! In a college town like San Marcos, most leases expire July 31. This leads to an influx of people moving out of their old apartment and into in a new one. Moving is a big job for anyone, and we want to make it easy for you! Here is our apartment move out checklist to ensure your move is smooth!

1- Make Lists

There are so many things that have to be done prior to a move. Don’t get lost in the details! Make a to do list to ensure you aren’t forgetting anything when you pack, or potential paperwork to fill out for the new apartment. Cross each item off the list once you have completed the task. You will feel accomplished and motivated!

2- Purge & Pack

Before you pack your belongings, sort through them! Moving is a perfect time to cut the clutter and get rid of unwanted clothes, housewares, and food. Sort your items into easy categories like pack, donate, and trash. Packing will be much easier once you have gone through all of your items and pared down the amount of stuff you have!

3- Move Out & Clean Up

Don’t forget to head back to your old apartment for one last look before you turn in your keys. Collect small items left behind in the initial move. Once that is complete, conduct a very thorough clean up of your apartment. Dust baseboards, scrub the kitchen appliances, or repaint a wall if necessary. All of the little details will add up to big returns on your deposit!

Although moving can be very stressful, we hope to make it easier. The Apartment Experts will walk you through the moving process from start to finish for free. Talk about smooth moves! Give us a call at 512-805-0123 to set an appointment with one of our Licensed Real Estate Agents, or visit our office at 1330 Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, Texas. Our apartment finders are ready and waiting to assist!

What could you do with $250?

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What could you do with $250?