Getting back your pet deposit might be easier than you originally thought. All that is needed is some knowledge on where to start and the elbow grease to get it done! Continue reading for our best pointers on how to remove pet dander, odor and pet damage from your apartment.

Vacuum: Use a powerful vacuum with a high grade filter to suck up any pet hair from the carpet. Sprinkle baking soda onto the carpet beforehand to eliminate odors while you vacuum.

Wash drapes and linens: If you are renting an apartment that is already furnished make sure to wash any couch cushion covers or hanging curtains on the longest cycle possible. Pour some baking soda in with the laundry detergent to help address any odors.

Clean under appliances: Because pet hair is light and tends to float in the air it can easily get stuck behind and under the appliances in the kitchen or laundry room. Pulling out your appliances to remove the hair is a great way to give your apartment a deep cleaned and fresh appearance.

Repaint: If for any reason your walls or doors were the recipient of pet scratches, chances are you are going to need to repair the damage in order to get back your deposit. A light coat of paint over the scratches should take care of the problem and is usually not something the property manager will have a problem with.
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What could you do with $250?