Having an organized space to prepare meals and cook is integral to most lifestyles. Combined with apartment living, you might find yourself in a small kitchen or maybe you have the space but need help getting your cupboards and pantry in better order. Keep reading to discover a few quick tips that are bound to help you get on your way! 

Cabinets: The products that you use the most should be easily
accessible and hopefully easy to keep organized. This can be achieved by using
an expandable cabinet piece found here
or a 3 tier expandable metal mesh found here. Lining these up in your spice cabinet for
example gives you the option of stacking the spices you don’t use as much in
the back where they can be seen and then line the spices used most often in the
front where they will be in easy reach. The best part is that these pieces can
be used throughout the kitchen including under your sink and in your pantry.

Drawers: In this case drawer dividers are a great idea. They can be purchased
in either metal or wood to match your décor. They can help section off small
utensils and bigger items so that you don’t have to go digging around for a
much needed utensil while something is burning on the stove. Check out our
Kitchen Organization Pinterest
board for more drawer ideas.

Counter Space: In a small kitchen using the available counter space
can be a great way to maximize potential. This could be something as simple as
a metal cylinder for large ladles or spatulas. Or a rectangle basket to place
your cooking oil and salt and pepper in. Bread box’s, glass flour and sugar containers or a
fruit bowl for banana’s are all great ideas for the counter top that look homey
and refined. The best part is that these items are easily found at most grocery
and department stores, making it easy to get organized quicker.

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