The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. Seeing that it gets consistent use it can very easily start to look dull and be in need of some TLC. Listed below are a variety of ways in which you can refresh your bathroom without breaking the bank. Follow a few or even all of these steps and we promise you will be happy with the results.

Paint: Professionals know, one of the simplest ways to bring life to any room is to change out the paint color. Soft neutrals and subdued pastels are lovely choices and can really help brighten up the room (even as an accent wall!).

Medicine cabinet: An old medicine cabinet can really make the bathroom look lack luster. A simple way to add a flare of design is to frame the medicine cabinet with an already store bought frame or making one of your own. The same can be done for your bathroom mirror as well.

Change it up: Another quick fix is switching out your old faucets and lighting fixtures. This can instantly add a touch of luxury and class to a space that is dated or lacking sophistication. Make sure that whatever new fixtures you choose match the décor and fit the overall size of the bathroom.

Aesthetics: Another idea is to go out shopping and buy new accessories. Combining matching colors that compliment the paint and any decorations on the wall, purchase a new shower curtain with matching hooks. A new floor rug or a set of hand towels can bring the bathroom together and be the perfect finishing touch!

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What could you do with $250?